Aliya and the New Andalus

​Founded in Southern Spain by Oud player and singer Aliya Cycon, Aliya & the New Andalus fuses Flamenco rhythms, Arabic scales and Western Pop harmonies into a flavorful world that leaves catchy melodies in the ear and inspiration in the soul. The Oud is a stringed instrument, played like a mandolin, from the Middle East. Aliya is the first female Oud player to emerge on the global scene from the United States, and she has recently formed Aliya And The New Andalus. It’s a vessel for conjuring an upbeat and relatable musical reflection of her recent experiences living in the Andalusian region of southern Spain via a striking convergence of Flamenco styles, multi-lingual singing (in Arabic, Spanish, French, and her native English) and her skillful playing of the beautiful-sounding Oud; the lute-like string instrument of North Africa and the Middle East. Modern and historical strains of Sephardic, Andalusian, and Arabic music, and even Jesse Cook-influenced pop, form her unique musical palette. Music from around the world has always been the source of inspiration for Cycon’s music, and AATNA is no exception. She boldly leads the group with her exuberant playing and spirited singing. The trumpet, played by Balkan jazz virtuoso Timotej Kotnik provides a colorful contrast to the Oud’s percussive sound, as well as expressive solos. Sergio Martinez, whose mastery of Flamenco cajon and world percussion has earned him gigs with Paul Simon, Jose Merce and Al Di Meola, brings multi-cultural grooves and multi-timbral textures to the band’s sound. Providing the sonic glue for the quartet is Miquel Alvarez, the eccentric bassist from València, whose quirky pedal board colors his Flamenco styled riffing and electric bass lines. Four songs, four musicians, and a world of sounds blend together to provide a window into Cycon’s Mediterranean life.

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Aliya and the New Andalus

Músicas del Mundo. Pop Flamenco Arab Fusion


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We Will Be Light 2015 2015-Aliya Cycon 2015-Aliya Cycon 888295251204 LP editado
Prayer 2017 2017-Aliya Cycon 2017-Aliya Cycon 182907000274 LP editado
Aliya and the New Andalus 2019 2019-Aliya Cycon 2019-Aliya Cycon EP editado